The Hostos Community College Foundation

Founded in March 24, 2004, the Hostos Community College Foundation is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit corporation that operates exclusively for the charitable purpose of supporting Eugenio María de Hostos Community College of The City University of New York. The Foundation encourages assistance through gifts, scholarships, subsidies, endowments, grants, bequests, and other funds.
The Board of Directors directs the management of the operations, property affairs and concerns of the Foundation and actively promotes fundraising activities consistent with the provision of the Foundation By-Laws, as written or amended in the Certificate of Incorporation. The Board of Directors makes recommendations concerning the acceptance of monies, grants, securities and/or any other donations.

Board of Directors
Mr. José A. Sánchez Kinghorn, Chairperson
Ms. Dolores Batista, Vice Chairperson
Mr. Dudley N. Williams, Jr.,Treasurer
Ms. Cira Ángeles
Mr. Jorge L. Ayala
Ms. Nancy E. Biberman
Mr. Luis Canela
Mr. Michael S. Fassler
Mrs. M. Salomé Galib
Mr. Roberto S. García
Ms. April Horton
Mr. Paul Maloney
Ms. Carolyn McLaughlin
Mr. Robert C. Morgan
Mr. Timothy G. Noble
Mr. Jimmy Quan
Mr. Sal Rajput
Mr. Edwin Rivera-Searles
Mrs. Carmen Vega-Rivera
Mr. William Aguado, Board Member Emeritus
Ms. Elba Cabrera, Board Member Emeritus
Mr. William Scribner, Board Member Emeritus

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