50th Anniversary Scholarship Benefit > Event Committee

  • Chair: Mr. Rafael Toro, Director of Public Relations, Goya Foods, Inc.
  • Mr. William Aguado, Director, En Foco, Inc.
  • Mr. Elias Alcántara, CEO and Founder, Bronx Element Strategies
  • Ms. Cira Angeles, LA Riverside Brokerage / Hostos Community College Foundation, Board Member
  • Mr. Jose Díos, Board Member, Hostos Community College Foundation
  • Mr. Wallace Edgecombe, Former Director of HCAC          
  • Mrs. Nydia Edgecombe, Director of Alumni Relations, Hostos Community College
  • Mrs. Angela Florentino, Business Owner              
  • Ms. M. Salomé Galib, Board Member, Hostos Community College Foundation
  • Ms. Melania García, Inca Kola
  • Dr.  Amarilis Jacobo, DDS, Dominican Dental Association
  • Mr. Michael Max Knobbe, Bronx Net Community Television
  • Ms. Acela Linares, President, AML Executive Management, Inc.
  • Mr. Nick Lugo, President and CEO, New York City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Ms. Madeline Márquez, Senior Vice President, Ponce De Leon Federal Bank
  • Mr. Peter Mertens, Assistant Dean, CEWD, Hostos Community College
  • Mr. Julio E. Reyes Jr., Vice President, Bronx Area Manager, Popular Community Bank
  • Dr. Howard Rosas, Owner, Inwood Foot Care
  • Mr. José Sánchez-Kinghorn, Foundation Chair, UBS/Hostos Community College Foundation
  • Mr. Robert Sancho, Vice President, Bronx Lebanon Hospital
  • Mr. Eric Soto, Director, Bronx Regional & Community Affairs, ConEdison Inc.
  • Mr. Cid Wilson, President and CEO, Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR)

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