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Scholarship Program: The Circle of 100 Emergency Fund
Since its founding in the Spring of 2007, The Circle of 100 Emergency Fund has awarded twenty-two $1,000 scholarships and forty five $500 or less emergency grants. The Circle of 100 makes these emergency grants and scholarships available to students with excellent academic records who are close to graduating and graduates who need some help in making the transition to a four-year college. In addition, they have demonstrated that they have provided service to the community. These students have the potential for further academic success. They have also demonstrated characteristics indicative of leadership. In helping these students, your donated dollars will have large multiple effects.
Most of the recipients of the Circle of 100 have graduated from Hostos Community College. Many of those students were able to accomplish that goal because of the generosity of members of the community who donated to The Circle of 100 Scholarship & Emergency Fund. To date the Circle of 100 has distributed over $154,000 in scholarships and emergency grants. At this moment the Circle of 100 has exactly $8,000 in its account and we have five applications for assistance on our desk. This semester our first recipient of an emergency grant received sufficient money to pay the one course remaining for her to earn her degree. The $500 made a miracle for that young lady. We have been able to help students with emergency food money and assistance to buy text books.
Please consider making a donation to the Hostos Foundation (Circle of 100). Remember $1,000 will finance one scholarship and $500 an emergency grant. Donations of any amount are needed and appreciated. We are confident that you will respond to this appeal so that this vital work can continue. Remember, every dollar collected by the Circle of 100 goes into the hands of these most worthy students.

Donations can be made Online, at the Box Office or send your Check to:
Hostos Community College
Division of Institutional Advancement
500 Grand Concourse D-214
Bronx, NY 10451
A Donation of $1,000 will make you a lifetime member and your name will be displayed on "The Circle of 100 Tree of Life"

Thank you for your generous contribution!

Circle of 100 Executive Committee
Virginia Paris: Co-Chair
Gerald Meyer: Co-Chair
Nydia R. Edgecombe: Former Director of Alumni Relations
Mercedes Moscat: President’s Office
Dr. Elyse Zucker English Department
Saudy Tejeda: Class of 2005

About the Co-Chairs:

 Mrs. Virginia Paris
After obtaining a master's in education from Hunter College, Virginia Paris began her career as a teacher in a South Bronx elementary school. She entered the realm of higher education when she became a personal academic counselor at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn. In 1974, she joined the Hostos family as a bilingual counselor. Over the years, Virginia became the Director of Admissions & Recruitment & the Foreign Student Advisor. From 1986 to 1991 she served as Dean of Students. Under her leadership the college developed the Women's and Immigrant Rights Center and expanded the student clubs to include La GOOF (the Gay student club) and the first women's club "Mujeres Unidas" in the college. She has also served as the Director of Counseling, Acting Associate Dean of Student Development and Enrollment Management and Director of Student Achivement. Virginia managed to find the time to serve on a number of committees at the college., within CUNY, and in the community. She served as the chairperson for the Sexual Harrassment Panel, Academic Standard and Awards Committee, Strategic Enrollment Management Task Force, The Hostos Senate Executive Committee. At CUNY she has been a member of the CUNY Council of Counseling and CUNY Graduate Counseling Assistantship program. Within her community she serves as a board member of East Harlem Council for Human Services and as chairperson of the Services Personnel Committee at Boriken Neighborhood Health Center in East Harlem. El Barrio is her neighborhood, and she welcomes every opportunity to help make it a great place to live as a member of "Mujeres de el Barrio".
After seven years of retirement, she is back at Hostos helping students to fulfill their educational goals as Co-chairperson of The Circle of 100 Scholarship & Emergency Fund.
Mr. Gerald Meyer
Professor of History at Hostos Community College (CUNY) and a Visiting Professor at Queens College. Professor Meyer, the author of Vito Marcantonio: Radical Politician, 1902-1954 (SUNY Press), has also written almost forty articles and reviews, and is as well the editor of two anthologies. Professor Meyer has been awarded a number of fellowships including a Rockefeller Fellowship from the Center of Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College. He also serves on the editorial board of Science & Society, the Italian American Review, the Executive Committee of the Institute of Dominican Studies (CUNY), the Academic Advisory Council of the Italian American Institute (CUNY), and the Board of the East Harlem Historical Organization. 
Gerald Meyer has been very active in the life of Hostos since he arrived in 1972. He has worked on voter registration, AIDS education, and is currently the faculty advisor for the Student Government Organization and the Gay and Lesbian Club. Who is Vito Marcantonio? The Congressman from East Harlem from 1934-1950, who courageously and effectively struggled for all the people of his community.


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